21 Mar 2011

xvi - xvi by julia karr (2011)

julia karr has delivered a really great dystopian novel as her debut, set in a very realistic, commercial and dark world and with an exciting plot.

when a girl turns 16 (sex-teen) she gets tattooed xvi on her wrist. now she's fair game. every girl wants to be 16, wants the attention and wants sex. but nina is not like them... she lives with her mother and sister in cementville, near chicago. when her mother is murdered, she tells her that nina's father is still alive ans that she must find him. soon nothing is as it seemed to be. 

according to her website, karr's working on a sequel, truth, a spin-off-novel, cinderella girl, and some other stuff. i can't wait to read these too... =)

* * * *

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