13 Feb 2011

the saga of larten crepsley - birth of a killer by darren shan (2010)

this is the new series from the author of the saga of darren shan and the demonata-series, darren shan! my favourite character in the saga of darren shan was of course larten crepsley, i was devastated about his death, so i'm really really excited that he now has his own saga and i get to know his past...

after a terrible event, larten has to leave his old life and his family behind. on a graveyard he meets seba nile, a vampire general who introdueces him to the way of vampires and offers him to become his human assisstant.

the 2nd book of the saga, ocean of blood, and the 3rd, palace of the damned, will be released in may and september 2011! can't wait...

* * * * 

here are all 12 books of the saga of darren shan (harper collins) they look soooooo cool:

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