23 Mar 2011

second variety by philip k. dick (1953)

another short-story ba philip k. dick. also second variety has been made into a movie some years ago: screamers (haven't seen that onethough... not yet).

in the war between the u.s. and the sovjets, it seemed like the latter would surely win it. but then the u.s. had developed tiny battle-robots that easily turned the whole situation to their favour. now russia urgently requested a parley at their headquarter. one single soldier was to go and represent the country. major hendricks went and foud someting along the way...
a little boy.

well i had my suspicions right from the beginning, and i think that's exactly what the author had intended... i was wrong. let's see if you are right =)

get the pdf-file here (not so many mistakes and no pages missing).

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movie ?

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