26 May 2011

steampunk chronicles - the girl in the steel corset by kady cross (2011)

this is the first book of kady cross' new series, the steampunk chronicles. this is my first (knowingly) steampunk-book, so i was really curious whether i would like it or not...

finley jane has two personalities insider her, her own self and a dark one, and the dark one has nearly killed her employee, a rich but abusive lord. when she flights from the scene, she bumps into the carriage of a young duke, who takes her to his home to cure her injuries. there she meets other people that have special talents, like her.

attention: there are two love-triangles!

the book is a cross of the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, x-men and some jane austen... the writing is good but the story was slightly predictable but entertaining.

there is a prequel, the strange case of finley jane, i will definitively read that and look out for the sequel.

* * *

the book will be released in may 2011.

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17 May 2011

anansi boys by neil gaiman (2005)

neil gaiman is one of my favourite authors. i loved american gods, and was really excited to read this book.

fat charlie has always been embarrassed by his father. they didn't have any contact until he hears that the old man died. after the funeral he learns, that he has a brother. when chalie invites his brother into his life, everythnig goes out of control...

i was a little bit dissapointed because i think it cannot live up with american gods... but it was good of course, and sometimes i really had to laugh out loud! =)

* * *

16 May 2011

godess test - the godess test by aimee carter (2011)

this is aimee carter's debut novel, the first book of a greek-mythology-trilogy. i absolutely loved the percy-jackson-series, and was really cusious about the greek legend of persephone.

kate's mom is dying from cancer and wishes to stay in her childhood-village eden for her last days. there strange encounters begin at school. kate promises henry, a boy she just met, to do anything if he brings back to life ava, a girl that has died while playing a horrible prank on kate. henry does his duty and tells kate to wait for the winter. when she asks him what he wants he tells her to read the story of persephone.

the story was ok, but i think the plot was not realy fantastic, i did expect something a little bit deeper... what really annoyed me is the whole dying and ressurrection-thing, what are you supposed to learn from that? well, i wont say anything else about that, i don't want to spoil it... anyway the writing was really good and i will read the next book, because i'm curious what will happen in summer.

the book has been released in april 2011.

* * * 
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5 May 2011

movie adaptions

thor, based upon the marvel-comic-series. (i think there will be a sequel)

thor is being exiled by his father odin, after he reaks the truce between asgard and the ice-giants. odin takes his hammer mjölnir and sends thor to earth. meanwhile thor's brother loki (the god of chaos, yay!) takes over the kingdom, when their father falls into a coma. thor meets jane, a scientist, who thinks thor flying to earth to be some kind of storm, a bridge into a wormhole...

a fantastic sci-fi-mythology-mix with a superhot hammer-wielding hero... and funny =)

comic ?
movie  * * * *

water for elephants, a circus-tale based upon the bestseller by sara gruen.

jacob is in the middle of his vet-exam, when he learns that his parents have died. he's lost everything and leaves his home to find work in a larger city. he stows away on a circus-train, but soon is discovered and almost thrown off the traveling train. but then he gets a job as vet and befriends ringmaster august and his wife marlena...

a stuning, visual masterpiece starring robert pattinson, reese witherspoon and christopher waltz.

book   ?
movie  * * * * *

4 May 2011

city of bones movie

lily collins (the blind side - great movie by the way) has been casted to play clary in the city of bones-movie and alex pettyfer (beastly, i am number four) is romoured to be casted as jace...

i can't wait for that movie...

should be released in 2012.

the mortal instruments - jocelyn's story by cassandra clare (2011)

jocelyn's story should have been a part of city of fallen angels, but didn't make it to the actual book.

read it online here...

* * * *

the mortal instruments - jace's letter to clary by cassandra clare (2011)

here a goody to all mortal instruments-fans - ha ha, who isn't?!?

read jace's letter to clary (belongs to city of glass): 

* * * * 

3 May 2011

the hunger games movie

great news, the hunger games-movie will be released in 2012:

katniss will be played by jennifer lawrence (winter's bone), peeta by josh hutcherson (bridge to terabithia, cirque du freak) and gale by liam hemsworth (the last song, ha ha this is the brother of chris hemsworth, the hot guy from thor - see my next post). i think those two should have been casted the other way round, but we'll see...

i'm sooooo excited, i love the books!

p.s. you'll find more of the cast on this great blog: everything and nothing
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