28 Feb 2011

jasmyn by alex bell (2009)

this is alex bell's 2nd novel, and as i really enjoyed her debut the ninth circle, i bought this book too. again an awesome cover by the graphic designer kustaa saksi.

jasmyn's husband liam one day unexpectingly dies of an aneurysm. her world is ripped appart. then strange things begin to happen, like it's raining dead black swans at his funeral and jasmyn  has an eerie feeling of being watched. together with her brother-in-law, ben, she is trying to unravel the ...

a stunning dark fairy-tales, full of mysteries and suspence. i couldn't put it away...  again, the main character, jasmyn is just wonderful, you can absolutely put yourself in her place.

* * * * 

26 Feb 2011

house of night - hunted by p.c. and kristin cast (2011)

finally, the 5th book of the house of night-series by mother-daughter author-duo, kristin and p.c.cast is out in german! 

zoey and her friends have to hide from neferet and her lover, the highly seductive fallen angel kalona. as if that wasn't enough, her relationships with the handsome vampire erik and her human ex-boyfriend heath and newly also with the (un)death cheeky james stark getting very complicated.

honestly i think this series is not as creative and deep as some others out there but it's super addictive and exciting (and erotic at times)...

the 6th book, tempted (versucht) will appear in may 2011 in german.

* * * 

21 Feb 2011

across the universe - across the universe by beth revis (2011)

i was really excited to read this book. a promising story, good advertising and a beautiful cover, what do you want more… 

amy and her parents are being frozen to attend a 300-year long voyage to a new planet, where they will build a new home. but amy is ruggedly awakened 50 years before landing... who wakened her? and why?

elder will be the next leader on the spaceship godspeed. but eldest, the current leader is keeping things from him. when amy is awoken, and another one of the frozen people is killed, he helps her to find some answers.

beth revis has written a  gripping debut-novel, thought-provoking and packed with crime and romance.

* * * *

18 Feb 2011

chaos walking - the new world by patrick ness (2011)

this is kind of a prequel to the chaos walking series. a relatively short story from viola’s point of view, that keeps switching between the space-ship crash and her memories from the time on the convoy ship  and the voyage to new world.

patrick ness seems to enjoy writing about awful events and describe every little detail of them as if they were beautiful landscapes. and I really enjoy reading that! =)

if you have read the trilogy, don’t miss this! (you can download for kindle on amazon or here is the link to the .pdf-file)
* * * *

chaos walking - monsters of men by patrick ness (2010)

this is the 3rd book of the trilogy chaos walking (book 1&2: the knife of never letting go and the ask and the answer). i was really looking forward to read it but when i got it it was soooo thick and i kind of lost interest and only read it now... (it's effing great!):
the war between the army, the answer and the spackle is on and todd and viola at right in the middle of it. then there is suddenly a third voice...

i love the play with the language (creacher, direkshun, informayshun etc.) and the visuality of the spackle -language is just great. also the noise is very effective and makes the book very special!

i'm really excited to read patrick ness's prequel to the trilogy: the new world! (it's already out for kindle, for FREE! but only 20 pages or so...)

* * * *

13 Feb 2011

the saga of larten crepsley - birth of a killer by darren shan (2010)

this is the new series from the author of the saga of darren shan and the demonata-series, darren shan! my favourite character in the saga of darren shan was of course larten crepsley, i was devastated about his death, so i'm really really excited that he now has his own saga and i get to know his past...

after a terrible event, larten has to leave his old life and his family behind. on a graveyard he meets seba nile, a vampire general who introdueces him to the way of vampires and offers him to become his human assisstant.

the 2nd book of the saga, ocean of blood, and the 3rd, palace of the damned, will be released in may and september 2011! can't wait...

* * * * 

here are all 12 books of the saga of darren shan (harper collins) they look soooooo cool:

9 Feb 2011

the first time kelly killed herself by isaac marion (2011)

this is isaac marion's new short-story i posted about earlier.

it's a story about a really sad girl, misunderstood and lonely. she kills herself only to be reborn in a REALLY fucked up life...

i liked it =)

by the way, there is a short-story collection coming up that i'm very excited to read : flashlights in the basement

* * *

i'm a zombie filled with love by isaac marion (2010)

i have now read isaac marion's short-story i'm a zombie filled with love and i absolutely loved it. i think it's almost better than the book to be honest, maybe because it's so short and strong... the pic is cute!

pls note the story is a lot the same as the beginning of the book, warm bodies, but don't miss either of them!

and i found a new short-story, that he just posted on his blog:
the first time kelly killed herself  (i'm reading it right now)

 * * * *

0.4 by mike lancaster (2011)

This is my first book for the 2011 debut author challenge. i rarely just grab a book at the store without checking it out at goodreads and amazon but i just had to have this one! the cover is ugly (in a good way) it makes my skin itch...

mike lancaster has written a teen-sci-fi novel very recommendable to boys. it's coming directly from the future:

records have been found that derive from the early 21th century, a time we hardly know anything about. they are the tape recordings of a boy called kyle straker, about a unbelievable event that has happened when he lived. if his story is true, everything we know might be a lie.

the book is fast and entertaining, with little sarcastic comments/explanations of the editor from the future, lancaster himself. 

P.S. in the US this book will be released under the title human.4  in march 2011.

* * *

8 Feb 2011

dystopia challenge 2011

i will participate in a new reading challenge:

-read 30 dystopian/post apocalyptical books in 2011

check out my progress here...

who is saint giovanni by rane anderson (2011)

who is saint giovanni? 

the question is not who, but what! i'ts a book written by rane anderson, blogger and aspiring writer of paranormal fantasy. she will publish a chapter (illustrated by ashley stewart) every week online on her blog beginning in april 2011. at the end of the year the whole book will be online. on the blog you can also read a summary and sign up for a contest.

i'm really excited and will definitively give it a try =)

7 Feb 2011

love through the ages - ruby red by kerstin gier (2011)

i just saw that one of my 2010 favorite german-books is being translated in english (release in may 2011). ruby red is the 1st book of the really sweet trilogy love through the ages about time travel, setting in london, by bestseller-author kerstin gier:

gwendolyn's pretty cousin charlotte has been trained since she was little to learn everything necessary to travel in time. what a shock when they find out that not she, but gwenny has inherited the timetravel-gene.

the 2nd book and 3rd book are called sapphire blue and emerald green.

here the awesome covers of the original books:

by the way there are rumors about a movie too!!!

* * * *

6 Feb 2011

challenges 2011

i have decided to participate also in two other reading challenges than the good reads challenge 2011:

1. the horror & urban fantasy challenge 2011 hosted by book chick city

-read at least 24 books of a.m. genres in 2011 (that should be no problem for me)

awesome button!!!!

check out my progress here...

2. the 2011 debut author challenge hosted by the story siren

-read at least 12 middle grade/ya books from debut authors in 2011
-only 2011 releases

check out my progress here...

candor by pam bachorz (2009)

wow, this cover is absolutely awesome!!! and the story is  quite interesting:

candor is a model town. all over the place music is playing and feeds the inhabitants with brain-washing messages. the outcome are relaxed parents and well-behaved kids who are willing to learn and never get in trouble. oscar banks, the son of the major, is the best kid of them all - or so the people of candor think. but he knows their secret.

i love dystopian novels! and this one was really cool, especially because it's very contemporary... although  i would have liked it to have a little bit more action and drama. the ending was good.

I'm looking forward to read pam bachorz's new novel drought (released in january 2011)!

* * *

3 Feb 2011

the thin executioner by darren shan (2010)

darren shan is one of my favorite authors. i loved the saga of darren shan and the city-trilogy (as db shan). this is a stand-alone novel about (how obvious) a thin executioner:

jebel is the third son of wadi's most famous executioner. his two brothers are broad and strong but he is small and thin. anyway he wants to become a executioner himself. as his father humiliates him in front of the whole village he decides to go on a quest to the fire-god to ask him for strength and invulnerability. his only companion is the slave tel hesani and he will have to execute him as a sacrifice to the god.

the story was good although not as fantastic as his previous books. but anyway it was good to read darren shan again. his style is very refreshing! =)

* * * *

2 Feb 2011

the deathday letter by shaun david hutchinson (2010)

ollie is fifteen. he's a virgin. and he's going to die in about 24 hours. he knows that because he has received his deathday letter, which every person gets one day before they die. he didn't expect it and now he has no clue what to do with the rest of his life. 

ok this it truly a boys-book. it's all about boobs and wanking and doo-doo... i mean i know most boys are obsessed with sex but come on. i didn't like it so much to be honest. shaun david hutchinson's debut has very good thoughts in it and is not boring or anything but that was really too much awful teenage-boy-fantasy for my taste. 

also, hutchinson has used some german words in his book, which i really liked, but unfortunately there were a few mistakes, nobody would say it like that... i think that could have been easily avoided...

great quote:
"and i realize the truth: i was dead yesterday and i'll be dead tomorrow, but today i'm alive."

* *
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