29 Mar 2011

timeless - timeless by alexandra monir (2011)

alexandra monir is a singer/songwriter and now debut-author of timeless. being multi-talented like that, she has written songs for the novel, to be heard on her website. it's not my kind of music, but they are not bad. the idea is very interesting.

michele grew up in l.a. with her mother. her grandparents are the fortunate windsors, one of the most important families in new york. when she is forced to live with them, she finds an old diary which brings her back in time, to new york, 1910.

for me, the love-story was not quite convincing, but the mother-daughter-relationship was really sweet and also the relationship between michele and her grandpartens was nicely developed. what i liked the most, were the descriptions of old new york, the society and the people.

p.s. there will be at least one sequel, as the last words are: "to be continued..."

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  1. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions about the book.

    Sherry Soule Official Website

    Author of the Spellbound Series

  2. and thanks for stopping by :-)


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