13 Mar 2011

the kane chronicles - the red pyramid by rick riordan (2010)

this is one of my favourite ya-authors! i absolutely loved the percy jackson-series. and now this is the 1st book of rick riordan's independent egyptian-gods-series, the kane chronicles, the red pyramid.

carter and sadie's dad blows up the british museum. it looked like he was trying to summon the egypt god of the dead, osiris... but that's not possible, is it? soon their whole world is upside down. and they have to fight in an ancient war.

the 2nd book, the throne of fire, will be released in mai 2011 and the 2nd book of riordan's new greek-roman-halfbloods-series heroes of olympus, son of neptun, is due to be released in september 2011 (the 1st was called the lost hero by the way) !!! can't wait...

if you love harry potter and are interested in mythology read these books!!!

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  1. The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles Series #1) was just an astonishing, well-written book. This book is full of magical pages that holds your breath until the end. Sadie and Carter make a great and idealistic replacement for all-star Percy and Annabeth. Sadie and Carter as siblings go through mythological adventures trying to stop the evil to rise. Rick Riordan, you did it again!


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