28 Apr 2011

darkest powers - dangerous by kelley armstrong (2010)

this is like a little prequel for the darkest powers-trilogy by kelley armstrong. 100 pages about derek and simon before they moved into the lyle-house.

when derek is five, the incident happens. his three brothers kill a nurse at the institute. even if he didn't do anything, he's a threat now and they seem to want to get rid of him, like of his brothers. but then simon's dad comes and is offering him to stay with them and derek accepts. everything is pretty normal (if you ignore the fact that they're constantly on the run) until simon is attacked by a bully and derek is overwhelmed by his own strength. 

i really liked derek in the darkest powers and was so happy to get more of him here... he's so sarcastic and strong, but has such a soft heart =) 

you can download the pdf-file here...

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the darkest powers-trilogy:

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