11 Aug 2011

homo faber by max frisch (1977)

walter faber doesn't believe in faith, he's an engineer, he believes in mathematics. after an unplanned adventure in south-america and the break-up with his girlfriend afterwards back in new york, he travels to europe on board of a ship. there he meets his daughter (who he didn't know existed at the time being) and they begin a relationship.

this book is a report, written by faber himself, the style is quite unique.

max frisch is one of the most famous swiss writers. i already read his play andorra and i'm very curious about the novels stiller and my name be gantenbein.

* * *

10 Aug 2011

the nose by nikolaj gogol (1830)

one day major kowaljow's nose is missing, and he goes searching for it. apparently it's got a passport and is trying to escape but fortunately the policeman can catch it in time and brings it to its owner.

a weird short story about the loss of a nose and what this means for a man in a good position...

the nose is one of nikolaj gogol's favourite themes, as i learned in the appendix of this small booklet.

* *

agnes by peter stamm (1998)

the narrator meets agnes, a young woman, in the library and they fall in love and begin a relationship.he's a writer andshe asks him to write a story about their life, but soon the story is causing problems in their relationship.

peter stamm is a swiss author and agnes is his debut-novel.

a nice small book, good writing and an interesting story.

* * * 

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