22 Mar 2011

i am number four movie

yesterday i was at the cin again, watching i am number four...
i still had the story in mind and was excited to see how they turned the book into a movie. it was quite fun, very close to the book. and alex pettyfer is a cutie =)

i think it's weird how some books are pushed like this one (book and movie out at the same time - even the german book is already out, otherwise that's taking years...) i mean they just made us make the book a bestseller! 

movie * * *

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  1. I loved this movie! Theresa Palmer shines in I am Number Four as the bad-ass warrior sent to help John Smith fight the Mogadorians,she is so amazing! the fight and action scenes satisfy any action-junkie's expectations and practically make you want to scream "alright!!!! More!"! and the movie blends reality with sci-fi,young love with eternal love and a young man finding himself.Exciting like hell!!! I want the sequel! and to read the book! The Mogs are scary and fit the role for evil,sadistic antagonists!


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