21 Mar 2011

the caster chronicles - beautiful creatures by kami garica and margret stohl

this is the 1st book of the the caster chronicles-series by author-duo kami garcia and margret stohl.

ethan lives in gatlin, a small southern town. over the last centuries nothing has happened and the inhabitants want to keep it that way... when a new girl, lena, comes to his school, they have an instant connection and he feels that she is different. but she is the niece of crazy old man ravenwood, the towns abominated anchoret, who never leaves his house.

the story is pretty cool, although sometimes only slowly developing. but the writing is good and it's quite thrilling, so you keep reading... i think the real story has only begun. i will definitively read the next book, beautiful darkness, and wait for the 3rd, beautiful chaos (there will be at least a 4t).

* * *

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