14 Mar 2011

movie adaptions

i looooveeee movie adaptions of books i read or plan to read... fortunately these are not rare.
lately i saw following movies at the cinema:

small world, based upon the homonymous novel by swiss-bestseller-author martin suter.

konrad lives with his childhood best-friend thomas, who has inherited a fortune from his father. when konrad accidentialy sets a fire in the house, and becomes more and more delusional, he's diagnosed alzheimer. but the more he forgets the more strange things he remembers from the past.

absolutely great mystery-novel, the alzheimer-part is researched just great!

book   * * * * *
movie  * * * *

never let me go, based upon a novel by british-japanese-author kazuo ishiguro.

kathy h. has been a carer for almost 10 years, but now she will become a doner. she tells us from her childhood at hailsham, the years in the cottages and finally from her time as a carer. we slowly begin to understand what caring and doning is and realise why she just accepts it as her destiny.

a hounting story, subtle but horrifying...

book   * * * * *
movie  * * * *

jungle-child, based upon the autobiography by sabine kuegler.

sabine's father is a linguist, studying unknown languages all over the world. when sabine is a child, the family moves into the jungle of papua-new-guinea, where her dad has found a so far unexplored clan of native inhabitants. sabine lives there untill she's 17, then returns to germany, but still she belongs to the jungle...

impressive and beautiful.

book   ?
movie  * * * *

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