30 Mar 2011

evernight - afterlife by claudia gray (2011)

this is the last book of claudia gray's evernight-series (evernight, stargazer, hourglass).

bianca and lucas' love has just gotten even more complicated than when she was a vampire and he an ex-vampire-hunter. now that they both died, she is a wrath and he is a vampire... at the same time the ancient war between those two species has reached a new level. will bianca and lucas once again overcome their differences and end this war?

book 1-3 were quite good, but i didn't like this one. i'm not into  ghost-stories and therefore the newest events were a bit annoying for me. but as i kind of had to force myself to read the book till the end, i guess that was not the only problem... i'm not too sad, that it's over now.

there will be a spin-off novel/prequel about balthazar (my favourite). and 'm really, really looking forward to the new novel she's writing about a girl and a werewolf set on board of the titanic... well, that sounds great! =)

book 1-3 * * * 
book 4   * *

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