24 Jan 2011

lucian by isabel abedi (2009)

so, this is the first book i read in 2011! i read it the original language (german) because that's my mothertongue... enjoy:
rebecca suddenly feels a small crack in her soul, it doesn't hurt but it's there and it wasn't there before... when she meets a nameless boy with no past, they both feel an instant connection. lucian, as he calls himself, tells rebecca weird stuff about her life and the nightmares she lately has, all things that he couldn't and shouldn't know. but he drams about her every night. when he tries to solve the mistery of his missing memory his frightening past is slowly revealing. who is lucian really and is he dangerous? what does rebecca's mother know about him and rebecca and why doesn't she tell her? and will rebecca and lucian ever see each other again?

what i liked about this book is that it's only one and i don't have to wait for a sequel =) but it's also quite exciting, although a little bit slowly in the middle... the idea is very interesting and i think isabel abedi did a good job at play it out. the romance-part is not exactly hot and also morally a little bit awkward (but i don't tell you why, you'll see by yourself)

* * * 

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  1. Ich liebe dieses Buch! Ich wünschte das Isabel Abedi noch ein Buch schreiben würde!


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