3 Mar 2011

matched - matched by ally condie (2010)

damn, i waited soooo long for this book (there were some problems with the order...) and now it's finally in my hands:

cassia has been matched with her best friend xander on a big ceremony on her 17th birthday. but when she wants to read the microchip with all the information about him (that she already knows) there is another face on the screen. ky. what does that mean? is he her real match?

o m g, ky reminds me sooo much of peeta (hunger games) and i just loved him!!!! ally condie has written a really authentic and unique debut-novel and i can't wait for the 2nd book of the matched-trilogy, crossed, due to be released in november 2011.

* * * *


  1. I still haven't read this, but I REALLY want to! Thanks for posting about it. Have you seen the newly released cover for the second novel in the series?

  2. hi rane =)

    it's really cool, but unfortunately we have to wait till nov 2011 for the 2nd and for the 3rd till nov 2012.
    and you can feel that book 1 is only the beginning of the story...
    let me know when you read it!

    thanks for mentioning the new cover i haven't seen it so far, it looks awsome!



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