7 Feb 2011

love through the ages - ruby red by kerstin gier (2011)

i just saw that one of my 2010 favorite german-books is being translated in english (release in may 2011). ruby red is the 1st book of the really sweet trilogy love through the ages about time travel, setting in london, by bestseller-author kerstin gier:

gwendolyn's pretty cousin charlotte has been trained since she was little to learn everything necessary to travel in time. what a shock when they find out that not she, but gwenny has inherited the timetravel-gene.

the 2nd book and 3rd book are called sapphire blue and emerald green.

here the awesome covers of the original books:

by the way there are rumors about a movie too!!!

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  1. Hi,
    I´m from Germany and I love the three books. Kerstin Gier is one of my favourite authors in the entire world.Ans yes, the rumores are true. There will be a film. I´m so happy over it :D

  2. yeah, i can't wait for the movie! it 's gonna be awesome... =) i have not read any other books by kerstin gier, but i hope she will write another fantasy book like this trilogy...

  3. when do the English versions come out?


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