3 Feb 2011

the thin executioner by darren shan (2010)

darren shan is one of my favorite authors. i loved the saga of darren shan and the city-trilogy (as db shan). this is a stand-alone novel about (how obvious) a thin executioner:

jebel is the third son of wadi's most famous executioner. his two brothers are broad and strong but he is small and thin. anyway he wants to become a executioner himself. as his father humiliates him in front of the whole village he decides to go on a quest to the fire-god to ask him for strength and invulnerability. his only companion is the slave tel hesani and he will have to execute him as a sacrifice to the god.

the story was good although not as fantastic as his previous books. but anyway it was good to read darren shan again. his style is very refreshing! =)

* * * *

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