28 Jan 2011

the ninth circle by alex bell (2008)

grabbing it someday spontaneously at my local bookstore (because of its amazing cover and the promising text), i had this book waiting on my shelf for some weeks and finally decided to pick it up... i was not disappointed:

gabriel finds himself lying in his own blood inside what seems to be his apartment, all his memory lost, a suitcase full of money beside him. while he is waiting for his family to search for him, he receives cryptic clues to his past and has strange nightmares of demons. which makes him question his own sanity. Then slowly the dreadful truth is revealing...

alex bell has delivered a great debut-novel, written in diary-form from gabriel's big-hearted and sometimes slightly presumptuous view. i'm not a religious person, but the story was very enthralling.

* * * *

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