18 Feb 2011

chaos walking - monsters of men by patrick ness (2010)

this is the 3rd book of the trilogy chaos walking (book 1&2: the knife of never letting go and the ask and the answer). i was really looking forward to read it but when i got it it was soooo thick and i kind of lost interest and only read it now... (it's effing great!):
the war between the army, the answer and the spackle is on and todd and viola at right in the middle of it. then there is suddenly a third voice...

i love the play with the language (creacher, direkshun, informayshun etc.) and the visuality of the spackle -language is just great. also the noise is very effective and makes the book very special!

i'm really excited to read patrick ness's prequel to the trilogy: the new world! (it's already out for kindle, for FREE! but only 20 pages or so...)

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