24 Jan 2011

warm bodies by isaac marion (2010)

isaac marion has released his short-story i'm a zombie filled with love in the internet and due to the great echo he has now written a book about a love-filled zombie. usually i'm not that much into zombie-books but i decided to give it a try and i must say that even if it was kind of weird sometimes, it's a really good debut-novel. there are some very interesting twists and the changing of the zombies is well developed. the lovestory is cute. but the happy-end is not really appealing to me, i would have liked a more uncertain  end with just a little bit of hope... but anyway. i liked it. and i love the cover!

i definitively will read the short-story too (i didn't read it before because i didn't want to spoil the book) but now it's safe =) 

* * * *

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