17 May 2011

anansi boys by neil gaiman (2005)

neil gaiman is one of my favourite authors. i loved american gods, and was really excited to read this book.

fat charlie has always been embarrassed by his father. they didn't have any contact until he hears that the old man died. after the funeral he learns, that he has a brother. when chalie invites his brother into his life, everythnig goes out of control...

i was a little bit dissapointed because i think it cannot live up with american gods... but it was good of course, and sometimes i really had to laugh out loud! =)

* * *


  1. i found your blog while i was "googling" jace's love letter to clary. i've read every review you've done in one sitting! half (or over) of your favorite books are also my favorites! i really need a solid book buddy and definitely have some books to talk to you about! i don't know if you have a facebook, but if you do, please add me! search for "anika giles". i'm the only one on facebook. pleasepleaseplease!! i'm in major need to new, good books to read!

  2. Hello! It's Angie from the YA Book Club on goodreads! Just stopping by to say hi!! You should probably post your blog in the thread for blogs on the YA Book Club homepage!

    Love what you are reading!
    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  3. hi anika =)
    thanks for your nice comment!
    i'm not on facebook, but you should make an account at goodreads, there you can add me as a friend and find books you like, it's the greatest website! hope to see you there...

  4. angie, thanks for your suggestion, i will check that out definitively!! =)


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