16 May 2011

godess test - the godess test by aimee carter (2011)

this is aimee carter's debut novel, the first book of a greek-mythology-trilogy. i absolutely loved the percy-jackson-series, and was really cusious about the greek legend of persephone.

kate's mom is dying from cancer and wishes to stay in her childhood-village eden for her last days. there strange encounters begin at school. kate promises henry, a boy she just met, to do anything if he brings back to life ava, a girl that has died while playing a horrible prank on kate. henry does his duty and tells kate to wait for the winter. when she asks him what he wants he tells her to read the story of persephone.

the story was ok, but i think the plot was not realy fantastic, i did expect something a little bit deeper... what really annoyed me is the whole dying and ressurrection-thing, what are you supposed to learn from that? well, i wont say anything else about that, i don't want to spoil it... anyway the writing was really good and i will read the next book, because i'm curious what will happen in summer.

the book has been released in april 2011.

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