24 Jan 2011

kraken by china miéville (2010)

the giant squid from the darwin-center at the british history museum is suddenly missing. who has taken it and why? a crazy and nightmarish hunt begins in london. the attendants are sorcerers, a krakenist in exile, a  rebellion-leading statue, a talking mafia-boss-tattoo on the back of a punk, cult-collectors, a special police unit, the living evil goss and his son subby, the fortunetellers of london (londonmancers) and some strange angels of memory and in the middle of them all is billy harrow, who didn't even know such things exist...

a really freaky read especially if you like london! my first china miéville but definitively not the last... somehow reminds me of neil gaiman's neverwhere...

a freaking awesome cover by the way =) 

* * * *

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