14 Apr 2011

the windup girl by paolo baciagalupi (2010)

this book has won the hugo- and nebula award for best novel 2010. it's written form various points of view.

lake anderson is a calorie-man, he searches for extinct fruit and vegetables in a world marked from biological war, gene-hacking and global warming. in bangkok, he finds a fruit, which no one seems to know where it's from. and he meets emiko, a windup girl, made as a servant for rich humans, despised now that she is worthless.

what at first seems like some loosely linked stories about life in future bangkok, soon is recognized as not so much accidently chosen and becomes connected more and more until in the last chapters it concludes in an excellently woven final.

i'm desperately waiting for paolo baciagalupi's ya-novel ship breaker (pb due to be released in may 2011).

* * * *

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