27 Apr 2011

movie adaptions

true grit, based on the novel with the same name by charles portis, starring matt damon and geoffrey rush.

14-year-old mattie ross comes to forth smith to hire a bounty-hunter to take revenge on ther father's murderer, tom chaney. with great wit she's able to convince the bibulous marshall reuben cegburn. but at the same time also the texan ranger la boeuf is hunting chaney.

a serious western, really special and therefore typically coen!

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limitless, based on the novel the dark fields by alan glynn, starring bradley cooper.

eddie morra is a writer, but he doesn't write and can't get anything going at all. untill he takes a little pill, that allows him to use 100% of his brain. soon is a star and everyone wants to have him for themselfs. but soon the side-effects of the drug begin to show...

a great story, fast and entertaining. i have to read the book!!!!

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red riding hood, a mix between the fairytale and a horror-movie by twilight-regisseur catherine hardwicke.

valerie's (amanda seyfried) village is after 20 years of peace again hunted by a werewolf. they ask the experienced hunter pater salomon for help. but what he suggests doesn't comfort: one of the villagers has to be the werewolf. a terrible witch-hunt begins.

after the great trailer, the actual movie was a little dissapointing...

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  1. I really liked Limitless, I thought the story was great and I loved the Cinematography. It was so unique. This book is on my tbr list.

    New Follower :)

  2. New follower saying hi!

    I'm sad to hear that Red Riding Hood wasn't that great of a movie. I was really excited to see it, but haven't had the chance yet. Guess I don't feel so bad now about waiting to get it through Netflix.

  3. @neri

    i really like that kind of movies, with some supernatural element or parallel-world like "adjustment bureau", "inception" and "minority report"...

    i'm really excited to see "source code" with jake gyllenhal!

  4. @jex

    have you read the book? most people think the book is not as good as the movie, so i wont read it, i think...

    maybe i was just expecting too much... i was so excitet to see it because of the great trailer...

  5. by the way, thx to both of you for following me =)


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